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This wall is built to support soil so that it can be retained at different levels on both sides. Just like the name suggests, these walls are purposely for retaining soil to a slope. They work by binding soil between different elevations. Retaining walls are mostly used in places with an undesirable slope. If you are working on a hillside farming project, then you need this wall. 

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Types of Retaining Walls

There are several types of retaining walls. Here are some of the most common types. If you need help with any of these, we have got you covered. 


This type of wall is constructed from steel-reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete. They are made up of a base slab and stem. Cantilevered walls are the most commonly used when it comes to retaining. It can be constructed on-site or made offsite. If you want a cheap wall, then this is the ideal option.  

When compared to other walls like the gravity type, cantilevered walls use less concrete. Constructing this type of wall requires professional stone masonry. Several factors are taken into consideration prior to construction. Such factors include bearing pressure, overturning, and sliding.

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This type of wall depends on their mass to resist the pressure. They are usually big to facilitate enough gravity load to resist the soil pressure. It is mostly constructed by stones, but masonry units can also be used. Gravity walls can be divided into bin, gabion, and crib retaining wall. When it comes to concrete services, we have the necessary experience to talk to us if you need a quality gravity wall.

Bored Pile

To build this type of wall, a series of bored piles are assembled then the excess soil is excavated. These piles are often pushed to a depth enough to resist any force pushing the wall. At times reinforcing beams and earth anchors are included in the bored piles. This type of wall can resist lateral pressure in large excavation depths without disturbing nearby structures.

Diaphragm Wall

This is a stiff wall that is watertight. Diaphragm walls are very expensive, and they are mostly used where space is limited. If you want a retaining wall in an urban area with limited space, this is what you should go for. With our affordable concrete construction services ranging from patios, pavers, walls, concrete foundation, and more. Comfortably hire us to construct a diaphragm wall for you.


If you have limited space or require a thin wall, then an anchored one is good for you. It is usually used in places with soil over rocks or loose soil. To construct it, cable rods are placed deep sideways into the ground and concrete-filled for proper anchorage. 

Sheet Piling

Vinyl, fiberglass, steel, or wood sheet piles are driven into the ground to construct this type of wall. This type of wall is usually used in places with soft soils. Usually, the sheets are a third below the ground and two thirds above the ground. If there is a need for longer sheets, they are usually anchored.

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