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Railroad tie retaining walls are a great investment for any property in Newport Beach, California. These railroad tie retaining wall systems provide stability and durability to your landscape and will last for years to come. There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have railroad tie retaining walls installed on your property!

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Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls can be used to solve a variety of landscaping and foundation issues, but what if you don’t want to build an ugly block wall? Railroad Tie Retaining Walls are the perfect solution for those who want their retaining wall to look like it belongs in the natural surroundings. Made from pressure-treated lumber and railroad ties, this type of retaining wall is designed to blend into your backyard. With their rough texture and dark color, these walls will easily match any other landscape features that you may already have. They’re also sturdy enough to handle all types of soil conditions; meaning they’ll last as long as your house does!

If you’re looking for railroad tie retaining walls in Newport Beach, we at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry can help! Our experts will give your outdoor space a beautiful design that is sure to impress. To learn more about everything our company has to offer, don’t hesitate to call us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Types of Railroad Ties

Since railroad ties are made of old railroad tracks, they’re durable and will last a long time! They also come in two different varieties: hot-dipped or pressure-treated. Hot-dipped railroad ties are stronger than their untreated counterparts, but they’re also more expensive.

Pressure-treated railroad ties are made with a chemical solution that is injected into the wood under high pressure to increase its resistance against decay and insects. This process makes railroad ties long-lasting as well as affordable for everyone! At Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry, we recommend using hot-dipped railroad ties for railroad tie retaining walls in Newport Beach. This type of railroad tie is perfect for any backyard project and will provide you with a wall that can last as long as your house does!

Railroad Tie Retaining Walls Installation Process

The process of building a railroad tie retaining wall starts with digging the trench for the foundation. The size and shape of this trench will be determined by how big the wall is being built, as well as what type of material it’s being constructed from. After laying down a bedding course, such as gravel or sand, a layer of reinforcing mesh must be laid down to provide additional support against erosion. Next, wood – typically treated lumber – is used to create a structure that will eventually hold up the earth behind it. This includes laying boards on top of each other vertically in order to form an angled slope at one end which comes out over the edge so that dirt can’t easily slide back in when it rains. These layers are then filled in with railroad ties to provide the railroad tie retaining wall with even more support.

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