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Paving stones are basically flat pieces of rocks, boulders, or stone that are used to create and build a flat and covered area that is easily accessible like our driveways, patios, stone walkways, concrete pool deck, and floorings. Usually, square or rectangles in shape, paving stones are put on the ground to cover the surface and make it presentable and accessible.

Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor know how to make use of this material for your patios, concrete pool deck, driveways, stone walkways, and parking space. We can make it both very presentable and functional. Our expert masons and technicians are equipped with the latest technology and techniques on how to make your pathway or focused surface really inspiring. 

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We can provide you with the best estimate and even suggest what paving stone is suitable for your residence or location.

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Newport Beach paving stones contractor has been creating, building, and covering areas with stunningly beautiful pieces of paving stones. Our highly skilled masons can transform your concrete pool deck, patios, and any other places in your residence or business into the perfect property.  Aside from the high quality paving stones that we are using for all our projects, our workers also offer a range of designs and styles to make your space really stunning. Just let us know how we can be of help to you by calling us ours by filling out the contact form provided. You can also request an estimate and timeframe.   

Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor offer a multitude of paving services by providing our clients with the best services only the most seasoned and experienced masonry and concrete contractor can give.

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Our friendly contractors are equipped with the right tools and use high-grade materials guaranteed to make the project work the way it should be.  Every paving stone and concrete project we have completed, regardless of the size and type, we assure you that all are backed by warranties.

Variety of High-Quality Concrete 

Well, as a seasoned concrete and masonry contractor in the area, we have completed other projects like an outdoor kitchen, concrete and granite countertops, resurfacing, concrete overlay, cement framing, stamped concrete, concrete pool deck, retaining wall installation and many more. You may come and visit us at your office today, and we will discuss how we can make your all home ideas into reality. You may also drop us a line for a free consultation, or you may send us your details through our contact form.