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Patios are perfect getaways from the heat without having to leave the comfort of your home. When the temperature heats up, kick back and enjoy a relaxing moment with your family at your very own patio. And when the mercury starts to drop, an ideal patio contractor would have whipped up a design already like a brick fireplace at your patio. The contractor should know everything that you will need before you can even say patio. Great deck design and patio layout are essential in order to meet your needs, and it has to be a space that has to be thought of and created carefully.

At Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor, we provide you with the best Newport Beach patio design and installation that you are looking for that will make your backyard your dream landscape. 

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Building Better Patios in Newport Beach

When you decide to have your dilapidated or outdated deck and patio redone, remodeled, there is nothing to consider but to hire a seasoned patio contractor like us at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor. We always remind our clients that having a beautiful patio is the very foundation of your outdoor escape at home as it offers the backdrop for furniture arrangement and landscaping. 

Our team of craftsmen and masons has lots of information and tips to make you decide the design and materials needed for your patio. Of course, you can always opt to have the project done by you, but doing an important project like this one by yourself can do more damage than good. You may even end up spending more dollars, not to mention the time you spent on your patio. 

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We will discuss with you the elaborate construction process of making a beautiful patio, BUT do not worry, we will not bore you with the details. 

Here are Some Things to Ponder and Expect When You Need to Hire a Patio Contractor

Once you have decided what you are going to do with your patio or your space, you can compare bids and must get everything in writing. 

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Check the designs presented. Make sure that your contractor will define when the project is completed, the materials to be used, labor prices, and the overall cost of the project. And just like us at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor, our contract stipulates warranty information of the project undertaken. But unlike other patio contractors, we will not pressure you into making any hasty decision. We will, however, allow you to go through the process and would like you to ask all the questions that you need to be answered.

So if you want to increase your outdoor space, our concrete contractors can also install veneer stones, outdoor kitchens, and concrete fireplace, to name a few. If you would like us to come out and visit you for a no-obligation consultation, call us at (949) 771-8194 or fill out our form, our staff will get back to you shortly.