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Are you looking for a hardscape contractor in Newport Beach to design and create your driveways or walkways? Are you thinking of putting a patio in your backyard? Did it cross your mind of having a beautiful outdoor kitchen complete with a grilling area and extra seating? Do you know any reliable contractor that can do all these jobs?

The Hardscape Contractor You Can Trust in Newport Beach

Newport Beach Concrete Contractors can help you with hardscape ideas and more. We can design and start building your outdoor dream space by calling us at (949) 771-8194.

It has always been our passion serving the people of Newport Beach with our workmanship and professionalism. We have provided them with unique concrete projects and masonry jobs for years. And there is no stopping us in creating beautiful and awesome hardscape jobs, turning backyards into a stunning space. We can even add a new dimension to your backyard with our hardscaping ideas, which not only adds beauty but also increases the value of your property.

Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor will take your backyard design to a whole new level. Our hardscaping skills will definitely transform your backyard into your dream backyard getaway, where you can relax or entertain guests in class. We have a range of ideas, which include hardscape patio, fireplaces and pits, Grill Island, outdoor kitchen, walkways, and many more. From the designing stage through completion of the job, we will help you with the hardscape options.

Residential and Commercial Concrete and Masonry 

A carefully thought of patio can be a sanctuary where you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy. The design and layout should be done by experts allowing you to use the space every day of the year. A space with a fireplace during colder months, and a fan to keep you cool during the summer. Whatever your heart’s desire, we will make that a reality. We can turn your backyard into an amazing inviting place to host your guests or simply a beautiful haven to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Rustic finish, contemporary designs, name it we can do it. We are equipped with the latest ideas, and our crew is always updated with the latest trend in the construction industry.  

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Call us right now, and we will put your ideas into motion. We also offer free estimates and provide suggestions. Do not worry, and we will not pressure you into making a decision. Fill out our form and expect a call from our office personnel.

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