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    Seeing as you’re here, it’s a foregone conclusion that you seek only the best in concrete, brick, and natural stone construction. Let us put forth the assurance that you’ve chosen wisely. Because at Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry, we love the top tier and intend to occupy it for a long time. Savvy clients in Orange County are never fooled by imitators, or fakers, or contractors in a hurry to get to their next trade. Our team beguiles you with none of those things. Rather, we’re in the business to demonstrate what hard work and dedication the craft can achieve.

    Whether it be concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, fireplaces, or any other project, lay your worries about quality to rest. Now there’s a paradox: Rest assured that hard work will be done. But you know what? The truth is in our output. A lot of our business comes from previous clients who’ve recommended us to friends. Still more comes from those same clients whose trust we’ve earned, and who want more strong, sturdy, attractive construction for their home or business. That’s right—we work commercial and residential because your place of business is important, too, and we can give it plenty of curb appeal.

    The curb appeal goes with a brand new concrete driveway, or a pair of natural stone pillars at the entrance, or a brick retaining wall that gazes handsomely over the street. Not that everything just looks, looks, looks. Everything we do has a function as well as form. Those retaining walls are going to support the landscape. That driveway is going to lead visitors right to the front door. And those natural stone pillars? The most distinguished butler couldn’t provide a more sober welcome.

    But how exactly do we go about our own business? As you well know, to gain professional results, one must have a professional approach. Anyone who contacts Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry receives precisely that. After listening carefully about what you want to be done, we gather everything necessary for the task—things like tools and material. Newport Beach may have a reputation for leisure, but when it’s time for action, we never disappoint. To quote actor Michael Keaton: This face is on the case. With a goal defined by total customer satisfaction, we then set objectives around precise measurements and meeting deadlines. Our crew gets the work done right—that’s the only way they know how.

    They also know how to answer all of your questions, and provide suggestions—if needed—on how to make your project turn out even better than first anticipated. Such knowledge comes with training and experience, and like we said earlier, a love for what we do. Our clients never hesitate to speak up when the need arises. Nor do we with listening, or providing an informative response.

    Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry is Orange County’s one-stop place for hardscape construction par excellence. Call us today at (949) 771-8194.