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Without a firm concrete foundation, your structure can’t stand. That’s why much emphasis should be put on the foundation in any project. There is no sure way of getting a strong and durable foundation than getting a trustworthy concrete contractor to pour the foundation. We are that reputable contractor you have been looking for to build your concrete foundation in Newport Beach. With our commitment, expertise, and experience, you can fully trust us.

In most concrete works, it is not recommended to do it by yourself. This is because any slight error on a project can have far worse consequences. Professionals like us know all the problems that can arise during construction. And only we can solve them. Instead of trying it on your own on a foundation, pick up the phone and call us at (949) 771-8194 for fair priced services.

Why You Should NOT do Concrete Foundations on Your Own

As we said before, trying to pour a concrete foundation on yourself has its disadvantages. It is wise to spend some money but get the job done well. This will guarantee your safety and that of your property. When it comes to concrete works, the odds of you making mistakes are high.

A simple mistake on the foundation means the whole structure poses a safety risk. If it comes crashing down, it could hurt you or damage your other property. This will cost you even more than what you saved, trying to do it on yourself.

Types of Concrete Foundations

Currently, there are three main types of concrete foundations. These are frost-protected, T-shaped, and slab-on-grade foundations.

Frost Protected

This type of foundation is mainly constructed to work with heated structures. Two polythene sheets are used to help in insulation. One of the sheets is laid on the gravel at the base while the other is placed outside the foundation wall. These sheets hold heat from the structure hence preventing heat loss. 


In places where land freezes, structures can only be supported by this type of foundation. To construct it, a footing is placed below the frost line, and the walls added on top of it. A wide footing is used so to provide full support at the base.

 A T-shaped foundation is then placed and allowed to cure. The walls can only be constructed after curing. A slab is then poured between the walls.

Slab-on-Grade Foundation

A slab-on-grade foundation, just as the name suggests, uses a slab that is a few inches thick. The footing is usually thicker at the edges. This is achieved by pouring more ready mix concrete on the edges. `The thick edges are then strengthened by reinforcing rods.

This work requires experience and expertise that only concrete contractors have. Save yourself the cost of making mistakes by giving us a call at Newport Beach on (949) 771-8194.