Newport Beach Concrete Finishing

Exquisite Concrete Finishing Works by Newport’s Top Concrete and Masonry Contractors

After pouring concrete, several finishing techniques can be employed to make sure you get the best results. The best finishes are done by professional concrete finishers. If you want perfection, you should let a professional do the finishing for you. At Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry, we want your surfaces to have the perfect finishes. Give us a call, and we will give your surface perfect Newport Beach concrete finishes after pouring the concrete.

Finishing your concrete comes with several advantages that can’t be ignored. For instance, some type of finish like broom gets you a slip-resistant floor. Such a floor is ideal for wet surfaces like the pool deck. It guarantees your safety.

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Types of Concrete Finish

There are several concrete finish techniques that we use to give our clients nice finished concrete surfaces. Here are some of the most common finishing types.

Broom Finish

If you want to have a slip-resistant floor on the pool deck or any place with water, then this type of finish is what we will give you. This type of finishing is achieved by dragging a special broom across leveled concrete.

The dragging leaves a rough texture, which upon drying, creates a slip-resistant surface. A broom finish provides enough traction to keep you from slipping when the surface is wet. Besides providing traction, this finish leaves the surface looking beautiful.

Salt Finish Concrete

Here rock salt is applied onto a wet concrete surface. The rock salt makes tine pits on the surface. It is then washed off, leaving the tiny pits which also provide traction. Salt finish concrete is also ideal for wet areas as it is a non-slip surface.

Stamped Concrete Finish

 If you want to add both beauty and texture to your concrete surface, talk to us for a stamped concrete finish. The decorative panels placed on the concrete leaves texture and beautiful stamps. There is a wide variety of designs when it comes to stamped finishing. Some of the popular designs for stamped patios, walkways, pavers, or driveways include tile, stone, brick, and wood patterns.

This type of finishing requires experience, and that’s what we have here at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry. Talk to us today for all your refinishing needs, and we will satisfy them. 

Stained Concrete

In this type of finishing, color is added to the concrete after it has leveled and cured. There is a wide variety of color choices for this type, with the most common being earthy ones. We can stain both old and new concrete surfaces.

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