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If you are thinking of installing a concrete countertop in your kitchen or an outdoor countertop for your patio, Newport Beach Concrete Countertops is here to help you. We can design, create, and install concrete countertops and islands of any type, size, and kind. We have granite countertops, stone countertops, outdoor countertops, and a whole lot more.

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Concrete Countertops Contractors

If you happen to live in a small apartment, you may wonder how your concrete countertops can fit inside, let alone go through small corridors and elevators? Like any other project we have done in the past, we can make it happen. We can fabricate concrete countertops or stone countertops for you. This is possible by using the precast technique wherein we go to your apartment and build a template, after which we do the formwork, then off to our office or workshop where we do the fabrication. We make sure that when we are done with the countertops, it can fit through the elevator, stairwell, and other potential obstacles especially when you are living in a condo. To ensure this, Newport Beach concrete countertops always verify the dimension accurately. 

Different Styles of Concrete Countertops

Another style is building the formwork around the cabinetry and then pour the concrete right there in the kitchen. This method allows us to cast almost everything monolithically. It let us do a long piece without any seams. A lot of our clients actually love this style as the concrete slab tends to be straighter, flawless, and smoother. Want to know more about this method? Fill out our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.    

Dedicated and Expert Concrete Craftsmen of Newport Beach

Regardless of what method you choose, it will still boil down to the craftsman who will do the job. Luckily, we at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry only maintain the best and most seasoned workers capable of delivering high-quality results on time. We also make sure that all your concrete countertops are durable and at the same time very presentable. We ensure that our designs are updated and will match with your kitchen. For outdoor countertops, we make sure that your countertops and islands are protected from the elements allowing it to stay longer and maintain its glory for years. Our designers will also make sure that it will perfectly blend with your patio floor, walls, or its surrounding.

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For the materials, we have a wide array of materials to choose from. We have granite, bricks, stones, marble, and many more. For texture, we are capable of creating a range of designs, from a rustic old-school look to ultra-modern super slick countertops, the choice is yours.

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