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Over recent years, having colored concrete has become a hit among home and business owners. Most of them know that a plain concrete slab can be tainted with colors, but are not totally aware that they still have a range of options to choose from. Calling us at (949) 771 – 9184 will be your first step to know what other decorative concrete alternatives you can opt to select. We at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor can and will introduce you to these choices, and at the same time, guide you in making the right color selection. 

Choosing Colored Concrete

Unless, of course, you love the sight of plain concrete as some purists do, then there is no point filling out the form. But if you want to know the advantages of having colored concrete with vibrant hues or decorative concrete that would turn your concrete into a masterpiece, then read on.

Thinking of having colored concrete alone is already exciting. The color choices, the creative options, the texture, finishes, and techniques are actually endless. Colored concrete can make your plain boring patio floor into an amazing place; mimicking a colored marble can turn your plain concrete slabs into expensive flooring.   We can also ape bricks, flagstone, pavers, tile, or any decorative concrete that you want, at a much lesser price.

More Benefits of Colored Concrete

And while coloring concrete is already something that we are proud of doing expertly, our craftsmen strongly suggest that texturing goes hand in hand with colored concrete perfectly. We are adept in various techniques like broom finishing, sandblasting, and exposing. Through these techniques, we can create shadow effects and fan patterns; with sandblasting, we can make a two-tone appearance.

Moreover, using colored concrete can break up large floor areas and, at the same time, matches with other decorative techniques and styles. Stamping, brooming, or sandblasting can have a beautiful effect on your plain concrete.  We can also copy or mimic nature using this application, and at the same time, hide future stains, especially when used in driveways and/or parking space. Tire marks, grease, oil, and dirt are just some of the elements that can have an effect on your concrete, and that is where we can help you arrest these issues. We know exactly what to do to help you curb or at least hide these future stains.

Call us at (949) 771 – 9184 right now, and we will be happy to provide you with estimates, and we can also offer our suggestions to make your concrete pleasant. Pick up your phone right now, we guarantee, no pressure. 

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Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry Contractor also offer consultation, especially with your existing colored concrete in Newport Beach. We will help you with ways to protect it and maintain its glory for decades. We have the best materials which can be added to your decorative concrete driveways for protection and also give aesthetic benefits.