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Brick masonry has been around for some time now in the construction industry. It is one of the most durable and reliable forms of construction. This type of masonry requires expertise and experience. Faults or errors in masonry can have serious consequences. That is the reason why you should have a trusted masonry contractor working on your project. 

A reputable concrete contractor like us guarantees you the job will be done to your satisfaction. Brick masonry can be quite expensive. That’s why you shouldn’t take chances with your masonry projects. At Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry, we professionally handle all your brick masonry works in Newport Beach.

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Types of Brick Masonry Work

There are two types of brick masonry work, namely; brick in mud and brick in cement. Let’s take a look at the two types.

Brick Work in Mud

If you are looking for a cheap type of masonry, then this is what you should go for. In this type, mud is used to fill the joints. The thickness of the mortar is usually around 12 mm. Walls constructed with this method can only be 4 meters tall. Structures with this type of masonry work are less strong and durable compared to ones with cement. 

This type works well if you want to construct a temporary brick structure. Just like any concrete work, it requires expertise and experience.

Brick in Cement

This is the most common form of masonry. Just the name suggests bricks are laid on cement instead of mud as in the above type of masonry. A brick in cement wall can last for more than a decade, unlike the brick in mud one if you need this type of masonry to give us a call today on (949) 771-8194. Our professional bricklayer will get the job done. 

Why you Should Hire a Professional Bricklayer

Hiring a professional bricklayer to work on your project is highly recommended. Firstly, it eliminates any chances of errors being made. Errors in concrete works, as we all know, can have fatal results. A professional will make sure the job is well done hence eliminating risks.

Having a professional working on your masonry project gives you peace of mind. He will do all the worrying while you sit back and wait for the completion.

At Newport Concrete and Masonry, we are ready to serve you. All you need to do is give us a call on (949) 771-8194, and we will have our stonemason working on your project.