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Tired of a boring yard and want something attractive to light it up? It’s time for you to build block walls! You can now hire the best block wall contractor in town- Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry! Reach out to us now at  (949) 771-8194) and get free estimates.

Building Block Walls out of Concrete

The block wall is nothing but a water-resistant, durable wall that resists water flow through the wall. Any kind of backfill or earth mass materials cannot go through a block retaining wall.

In engineering projects, such walls are highly effective and demanding.

Other than a block retaining wall, other types of such structures are segmental retaining wall, reinforced concrete retaining wall, and gabion wall.

Why Go for a Concrete Block Wall?

There are many uses for my applications, as well as advantages of a block wall. Some of them are:

  • Doesn’t let backfill materials pass-through
  • It is budget-friendly
  • More durable than other walls
  • Construction is effortless and straightforward

Tools Required

  • Plumb Bob
  • Work gloves
  • Power cement mixer
  • Mortar
  • Line level
  • Excavation tools
  • Masons trowel
  • Mason’s string
  • Jointing tool
  • Masonry hammer
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Masonry saw
  • Concrete mix
  • Masonry chisel

What are These Concrete Blocks Made of?

Cast concrete; that is, aggregate and Portland cement mixed with fine gravel and sand. These are used for making concrete blocks. These are high-density materials that are responsible for providing strength. Industrial waste such as bottom ash, fly ash consists of low-density blocks.

Blocks are also made using materials like post-consumer glass from recycled aggregate, slag cement, or other waste. A block can appear differently when recycled materials are used between the blocks. Autoclaved aerated concrete produces lightweight blocks as a specific product.

Final Words

The concrete masonry unit is quite popular in building construction; it is the most suitable and standard rectangular block. Because of variation in the appearance, it is the most versatile product in the market for achieving the right wall. The cinder block wall is made up of bottom ash and flies ash, making it a durable structure. Another name of this popular block is the breeze block common in the United States. Give us a call if you wish to build a similar wall through complete accuracy.

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