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We’re here to fulfill all of your concrete and masonry construction needs.

That doesn’t mean we like to spread ourselves thin. Quite the contrary, the work we do is never harried, never rushed, and always of the highest quality. It’s a reflection of our standards, after all, which are high as the waves of The Wedge. It’s a reflection of your own as well. We know that Newport Beach residents maintain an affinity to things beautiful and strong. It’s just one of the reasons we get so many recommendations from previous clients because we’re all too happy to provide in knowing.

Newport Beach Concrete Contractor

Our professional team is fully trained in all the capabilities of this exceptionally malleable material. Myriad styles, shapes, and colors are at the disposal of your whim. We can even make suggestions as to what will work best for the vision you have. For instance, a pool deck can be made safer with broom finished or salt finished concrete; poured concrete is easy to maintain; concrete pavers have practically unlimited design options. Throughout any installation process, we answer all of your questions, so the outcome is never doubtful. We may even have a few questions of our own if you only make certain you get exactly what you’re aiming for.

Like the beach around Balboa Pier, our decorative concrete service covers a wide area. We can stamp the surface with just about any design you can think of, color it right down to the center, cut it into different shapes, or spruce up an old section of concrete with a concrete overlay. Whichever you choose, it’s going to look great, as we always match our ideals to fit your taste in hardscape design.

Need some concrete repair work done? We replace pavers and slabs as only the best in the business—that’s us. That means no more cracks or dangerous broken pieces: no more jagged edges or chipped corners. For excellence in concrete service that can’t be beaten, call Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry today.

Newport Beach Brick and Natural Stone

In addition to concrete, we provide nothing but the finest in brick and natural stone construction. Alluring features that last for a lifetime. These materials can be used for anything that concrete can do, with a bit of extra authenticity, charm, and style. Our brick walls and brick retaining walls meet standards, both attractive and purposeful. Our stacked stone construction does the same, their minerals seeming to catch the light and return it with every glance. We also handle brick and natural stone for horizontal surfaces such as walkways, patios, and stairs. Greatness in Newport Beach masonry comes to you courtesy of a team properly acquainted with such achievements.

It’s always our pleasure to build. And with just a single call to us, you can get a home demonstration. Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry is quality construction made real. Call us at (949) 771-8194.