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For the recreational community of Newport Beach, it has long been known that good times; like choice surf waves. come from a bit of luck, keen research, and a heart dedicated to pursuit of dreams. Indeed, for many area residents it was dreams like these that landed them here. New homeowners tend to love the leisurely vibe in the streets, which in turn inspires the aspirations they have for their own hardscape. They want quality concrete and masonry that derives from experts with years of experience. It’s the kind of quality that can only be found at Newport Beach Concrete and Masonry.

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    James Stubbs
    James Stubbs
    A few weeks ago, I was looking for a company to install a retaining wall on my property. After reviewing many quotes and reviews online, I decided to go with Newport Concrete and Masonrty. They were able to complete the job within two days with no problems or issues whatsoever for $18,000 The process was seamless and they left my property spotless. I would highly recommend this team if you are in need of any type of landscaping work done around your home
    Linda Tankersley
    Linda Tankersley
    They were able to widen our driveway in just two days! And what's more is they added a border matching our existing concrete patio too.
    Martin Schoonover
    Martin Schoonover
    I am a homeowner who recently hired Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry to pour my beautiful patio and steps. The owner, Joe, was very professional in his communication with me from initial quote all the way through completion of the project. He even helped me coordinate with the landscaper on what kind of plants would look best around my new patio and steps. I highly recommend this company for your next home improvement project!
    Joy Page
    Joy Page
    I couldn't be happier with the work of this company. I got rid of my old driveway and had a small brick wall built in its place, then they installed an entirely new one for me! They did it all so quickly too; by the end of day 1 we were already finished here! The prices are very reasonable - highly recommend to anyone looking to get their own done as well.
    Harold Rocco
    Harold Rocco
    When my wife and I decided to buy a house with a pool, we knew that the cement would be an important consideration. We wanted something that would last for years to come, so we called up one of the best contractors in town: Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry. They were able to come out and give us an estimate on how much it was going to cost before starting any work at all. We weren't sure what our budget was going to allow for this big purchase but they helped us find the perfect balance between quality and price! The concrete crew did such a good job with everything from start to finish, making sure every detail was perfect before sealing it all off. It's been over two months now since they finished our

    We Do Excellent Concrete and Masonry around Newport Beach

    Patios, pool decks, and driveways are but a handful of features we excel at installing. Your home or business will rock the look like no other, giving pause to all who are lucky enough to see it. The praise goes to you for the kind of innovative ideas that brought you here in the first place. Us? Well, it’s our job to make ideas tangible, but we won’t be too modest:  It’s a job we happen to do very well.

    For a lot of our commercial work, we get scans of the area done by LA Lidar, give them a shout if you need your land surveyed prior to work being done.

    For Newport Beach it sometimes seems like the sky’s the limit, which only serves to inspire us further. Dial (949) 771-8194) for free estimates!

    Newport Beach Concrete Contractor

    Concrete is used extensively in the field. This is mostly due to its willingness for adaptation. It looks good in many different colors of the spectrum and can be stamped to resemble brick and natural stone. Countless other designs fall under the scope of our decorative concrete service. This too with the sizes and shapes of our concrete pavers. A call to us not only gets you cooperation from the material you need, but flawless craftsmanship as well.

    Concrete and Masonry in Newport Beach

    Pool Decks

    With the Pacific Ocean just outside many a homeowner’s window one may first wonder why a swimming pool is needed at all. Yet for private occasions, intimate affairs, or even some more relaxed business assemblies there is nothing quite so attractive as a pool deck. Especially when it comes from us. You’ll get stamped concrete service that is second none, with patterns that reduce the possibility of slippage. Contact us by dialing (949) 771-8194) today.

    Still wondering what is colored concrete? Integrally colored concrete means adding a pigment to the mix before application. This produces attractive earth tones such as brown, tan, or specific shades of red. Color hardeners are frequently used with stamped concrete. While a bit messy to pull off, the results are amazing and excellent for turning your pool deck into the life of the party. Concrete dyes produce vibrancy that is great for detailed graphics. Whichever method you choose the contractor to call is Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry.

    Concrete Walls

    A concrete wall can be smooth and shiny, rough and rustic, or almost anywhere in between. Smooth and shiny works well for interior projects like bathrooms while many clients like that more rugged look for things such as retaining walls or boundary walls.

    How about a boundary wall with concrete pillars for the foot of the driveway? As with any project you put us to work on, we build them to impress. Be it interior or exterior, concrete wall construction from our professional service is never second best.

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    Is the Pacific Ocean water enough after all? Perhaps now is the time to ask yourself who makes the best Newport Beach concrete patios—albeit since you’re here you already know the answer to that. As with pool decks, the stamped concrete service we bring to your door is top tier. Sizes and shapes of our concrete pavers vary depending on your needs. Concrete slabs will save you some money but over a period of time may stain and crack. We offer a protective sealant process that slows down aging.

    Patios for homes and businesses of course make for great gathering places. An especially attractive patio leaves a lasting impression on those who visit it.

    A patio may even be fit with an outdoor fireplace (courtesy of the ones you can trust at (949) 771-8194) or kitchen arrangement. Like with pool decks patios make for terrific barbecue parties which again can leave that positive impression which puts your name top of the heap as the perfect host.

    Concrete Walls

    A concrete wall can be smooth and shiny, rough and rustic, or almost anywhere in between. Smooth and shiny works well for interior projects like bathrooms while many clients like that more rugged look for things such as retaining walls or boundary walls.

    How about a boundary wall with concrete pillars for the foot of the driveway? As with any project you put us to work on, we build them to impress. Be it interior or exterior, concrete wall construction from our professional service is never second best.

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    Concrete walls create excellent curb appeal to be sure. A gorgeous driveway can take it further still. Quality stamped concrete service like the kind found at Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry can give this feature of your property the look of brick or several different kinds of natural stone. Nor does it end there. What is wood stamped concrete? No, it isn’t a Jeopardy question; rather, it’s exactly what it sounds like: concrete stamped to look like wood. You’ll get lush, dark texture that’s so surreal you’ll wonder how it wasn’t cut from a forest. Just be prepared to explain to certain environmentalists that it’s actually concrete.

    Looking instead to dress up the parking area that’s already in place? Belgian block, brick, and stone pavers make for incredible driveway edging. With concrete grinding we can smooth over an older surface for the installation of concrete overlay. The driveway you want can be absolutely yours if you call our concrete driveway contractor at (949) 771-8194) today.

    Other Concrete Services

    Besides construction we do repair and refurbishing of those older places around your home that may not be ready for retirement just yet.

    This includes stuff like concrete paver replacement and poured concrete sealing. For those pool decks our services include the installation or repair of pool coping, as well as broom finishing or salt finishing that makes slippery surfaces easier to walk on. We also do concrete stairs, pillars, block walls, foundation work, and now that we have partnered with another local company in Newport Beach, epoxy flooring. An acid stained concrete floor is positively jaw-dropping to behold, abundant with rich, swirling hues that look deep enough to swim in.

    A call to Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry gives you the best in any line of concrete service. Dial  (949) 771-8194) to get free estimates.

    Newport Beach Masonry Contractor

    Brick and natural stone contribute a great deal to what makes so much construction in and around Newport Beach beautiful. That only makes sense, as these materials always seem to make unique statements which serve to complement the landscape they occupy. The good people under our employ are highly trained in brickwork and stone craft to ensure that a call to them is a call to excellence.

    Brick Masonry

    As with stone wall construction, we build veneer walls or solid walls. Veneer walls typically have a layer of brick attached to steel or wooden studs. Their purpose is almost always aesthetic in nature. Solid walls are pure brick, consisting of two or more layers of thickness. They can bear loads while still looking great. Cavity walls are two rows of brick stacked next to each other leaving a space between that can be filled with concrete or even more brick. These walls are not only strong but reduce water penetration, giving them a longer life.

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    Brick pavers can easily come together to form walk paths, driveways, patios, and so many more attractive amenities. Ever witness a Newport Beach brick outdoor fireplace in action? Why not let us build one for your very own? Getting in touch with the masters at Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry is the first step toward incredible brick construction indoors or out.

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    Retaining Walls

    If the landscape on your property tends to slope or lean too prominently in one direction it might be wise to erect a retaining wall. These walls will level off the soil, reducing the chance for collapse while protecting against erosion at the same time. Our service supplies them curved or straight, single or tiered, in a variety of materials and colors. Let us help with the preservation of your softscape by putting us to work on a retaining wall.

    Stone Masonry

    Natural stone is as timeless as it is enchanting. The great pyramids of Giza contain limestone and granite that has endured for thousands of years. Sarsen and bluestone make up Stonehenge, a monument just as old or perhaps even older. Tough and attractive, natural stone always seems to get the call from those who demand nothing less than magnificence.


    Dial (949) 771-8194) to get free estimates from our expert stone masonry team today.

    These days we like to use stone pavers for impingement surfaces such as driveways and patios. Some clients like limestone, others prefer flagstone. Cobblestone is great for walk paths. With its shades of tan and brown, travertine not only blends great with desert architecture, but absorbs water extremely well, making it a popular choice for pool decks.

    Stone veneer is an assembly of thin, natural stone slates attached to a concrete backing. They save money on vertical surfaces not intended for impact.

    Our Newport Beach stone veneer service creates some of the finest work for features like stone pillars and fireplaces. Stacked stone serves a similar purpose, but in this case the material is laid on its side to expose intricate, eye-catching texture.

    We also build veneer walls, or single or double freestanding walls. For all construction in natural stone don’t hesitate to call (949) 771-8194).

    this image shows stone masonry newport beach

    Other Masonry Services

    Pool coping in natural stone or brick puts a frame around the water that, like with actual paintings, can be ornate or strictly functional (though we always recommend a combination of the two). And what kind of stone countertops look good in the kitchen? There’s granite, soapstone, marble. We’re here to help with one of these choices or just about any other. That goes for flooring, too, brick or stone. Our friendly, helpful staff is just a phone call away.

    Areas We Service

    Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry is able to help homeowners in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Fountain Valley, Tustin, Woodbridge, San Joaquin Hills, and Lake Forest. From driveways, walkways, patios, and more; we are here to serve all of your concrete needs. We use only high-quality materials when working on our projects so you know you will get what you pay for. Contact us today at (949) 771-8194) to learn how we can make an impression on your home!

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    Newport Beach Concrete And Masonry is your one stop contractor for all construction in concrete, brick, or natural stone. 

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